My Friend

When I see 10:10

I am reminded, Lord

That You are also my Friend

And promise me a good and expected end

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Looking back

Recalling each breath

Gasped and retracted

Retracing paths

With laughter and lessons

I gather these treasures

And bask in the measures

Living through this lengthening

My returning brings strengthening

Like gifts waiting from before

Praising all the more

Raising to the One



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The distance

You deal with the distance

While we desire to just deal

With the distance

Your reckoning and persistence

Displays love that won’t relent

A radical expression of forgiveness.

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Night run

Night Run (from “Nothing Wasted” a collection of spoken word pieces by Anthony Rivisto)

Jogging the memory

like a path I’ve run before.

Where feet meet spots

ingrained with prior steps,

assuring that this evening’s adventure is launched from the platform

of invested time.

Ingested like air swallowed

to stretch lungs.

The dives get deeper and deeper,

enabling the eyes to adjust to the dim “scapes”, admiring the pearls laid here.

So we stay here

a little while,

until the wrestling learns resting and the mind retires to the smile, and nod,

because the spirit man

got the itinerary covered. Silencing the smothering

of extra stimulation,

less being accomplished

while the more is evaded, redundant statements,

but abundance is waiting

in the place that is hidden.

Not from but for,

invited to the table

to imbibe in the galore.

Or take time in the pure, peaceful presence I adore.

Bringing a stillness to the water, revealing the film that hovered


is now settling back down.

Settle down.

In this pasture that is vibrant and serene.

I am planted in Him

yet at liberty

because He is here.

We are here,

where grass blades sway

as branch leaves greets breeze

that maneuvers and orchestrates,

all in one gracious gift of ushering in the winds. And the grin is in

this exhilarating place of rest and rejuvenate. Blessed to recuperate

from stress tethered to ingested thoughts,

only caught as I take time to intertwine

His thoughts and mine,

like the needle’s eye,

I relinquish my ties

to replenish my sights.

Washed and purged, posturing first

to be brought to return

as my steps meet imprints laid here before.

© Anthony Rivisto 2018

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I exalt Thee

Exhaling over

every sprawling boastful proposal

Operating only by its self-promotion

That Your Lordship is not forgotten

Nor neglected

Releasing righteous confessions

Blinding the introspection

Led by blind perspectives

I deny all confessions

Tied to pride

And I come with repentance

Stunning all pretenses

Aimed to create tension

And I stand at attention

About face

Facing my Commander

Who invites me

To taste

And see

His goodness placed

In a feast

Plated and made in the space

Where my enemy seeks

To steal, kill, and destroy

All of his minions deployed

To speak noise

Aimed at tangling me

In weights that won’t wait

So I wait on You

As You wait on me

Serving up Your holy glory

Wholly restoring all that had been engaged in the commotion of the attacks

I watch in awe as You recollect

Placing it all back

Better than it was before

I exalt thee

And You


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Let there be light

I consider Your goodness
When it seems bleak

I pause for a moment
And let the years speak

Recollecting every second
Allowing faith to ignite

Finding wonder in the shadows
Let there be light

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The Unshakeable Place

The Unshakeable Place by Anthony & Rebekah Rivisto

The fearless

have never forgotten

the faithfulness of God

Their courage connecting

Commanding a blessing

Bringing about a reckoning of the evil at play

Revoking passive neglecting

Their presence presenting

The light unrelenting

Redeeming the breaks

With golden molten casting

Remolding the bruised and bashing

With retold sagas full of His flashings

Revealing the fate

Of those that step out and receive His grace

We are seeing the change

Our countenance beholding as we are seeking His face

The heat of this time’s moment is only steeping our faith

Leaking through our speaking

it’ll only be an inkling before we are seeing the breaks

Uncontainable unmasked or paintable

There isn’t a frame able to hold what we are seeing today

What I am meaning to say

Like a big sign held up for those speeding their way


And in that moment time was slowed to stump you

for a child to be reborn and come to,

you see, we are needing to pray

like we are needing to breathe,


the roar of the Lion Who frees us

and causes us to shoot deep roots down to see this

the unshakable place.

Where we stand.