is where

I embark.

Pulling forth

from this place

where I’ve parked.

Remembering Your grace

and chase


Deep in my being

beyond the place

of the scars.

And wounds

Your love consumes

to run the grooves

that shun the proof.

You presume

to do

what You

alone can do.

And I’ll


to choose

to trust.

Your ways

unknown to haste

I give You my steps.

All that I have

like breath

is all that I have received.

So I place my feet

with grace to believe

You make ways through every thing

that seems to be


So I grab a hold

of the unfazed plan-tiful

pasture like a manifold

lit up with the Man Who holds

every vast spanning full

of His goodness.

There isn’t a limit

other than the ones we surrender

rendered like boot and straps and bloody rags

His fire licks them up

in awe

are those who stand, by

awaiting flights

now arrived

grab your ticket here.

Where fear

is His

and we come

with gifts

of trust

our hearts

as kids


He is

our Dad

in love

we lift

our hands

and come

boldly to wholly

behold the holy

throne of grace.

Our resting place

as sons and daughters

like clay in His hands

refreshed in the waters

restored with The Potter

renewed and restructured


#newpoetsofimmortality #januarysgoodness22 #here

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