You’re in the meadows

Slowly herding us

Along the rough edges

Swirling through the curling

We arrive at ledges

And slide through the crevice

Made way

Further than

Would’ve guessed

This life

In The Spirit

Surprises all my senses

Logic is dethroned and I am

Made attentive, to Your presence

Again and again, it’s intensive

Not a semester

But a life

An apprentice

Walking with the Journey Man

His eyes my direction

Led without disguise

My pride is rejected

Denied the protection

It hides in deception

But Light is my weapon

And pro/vision

New paradigms of prisms

Manifold Wisdom

For man to hold with Him

I grab the whole mission

With hands that open in

Surrender and embrace

Love brings a change

How subtly it came

#newpoetsofimmortality #januarysgoodness22

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