is where

I embark.

Pulling forth

from this place

where I’ve parked.

Remembering Your grace

and chase


Deep in my being

beyond the place

of the scars.

And wounds

Your love consumes

to run the grooves

that shun the proof.

You presume

to do

what You

alone can do.

And I’ll


to choose

to trust.

Your ways

unknown to haste

I give You my steps.

All that I have

like breath

is all that I have received.

So I place my feet

with grace to believe

You make ways through every thing

that seems to be


So I grab a hold

of the unfazed plan-tiful

pasture like a manifold

lit up with the Man Who holds

every vast spanning full

of His goodness.

There isn’t a limit

other than the ones we surrender

rendered like boot and straps and bloody rags

His fire licks them up

in awe

are those who stand, by

awaiting flights

now arrived

grab your ticket here.

Where fear

is His

and we come

with gifts

of trust

our hearts

as kids


He is

our Dad

in love

we lift

our hands

and come

boldly to wholly

behold the holy

throne of grace.

Our resting place

as sons and daughters

like clay in His hands

refreshed in the waters

restored with The Potter

renewed and restructured


#newpoetsofimmortality #januarysgoodness22 #here

Let’s go

Let’s go

You teach me

not to conform

to the pain,

but to be made new

through You,

I change.


making way

for healing

an exchange

not found in

the mask

that I wear

on my face.

Let go.

Let go.

Let go.

Let go.

And know,

and know,

I know.

Let’s go.

#psalm4610 #bestill #letgo #letsgo #januarysgoodness22 #newpoetsofimmortality

The Walls

The walls have limits

None can reach You

So I call on forgiveness

The one, sweet tool

To pull and prod

And outline

mortar lines

Stepping back

In surrender


is my time

#newpoetsofimmortality #januarysgoodness22

Light Shine Anew

I go into

The wild


Paved paths

Don’t lead

Being led to

the shadows

Not shunned

But drawn

By the One

Who is Light

And yet will go

To the depths

So that we

Can know

His power there

And His closeness

That doesn’t leave

When we venture

Into the paths

Dimly lit

To see







I write

Even though I might

Have lost it

The thought and feeling


United experience

Of knowing

So it’s slow going

But I’m here floating

Maneuvering in my rowing

Planting and sowing these words

Amidst the growing concerns

I render my yearning

Like a burning coal

Knowing that

in my hands

I can’t handle

But in Yours

It lights candles

Prepared for these moments

Of surrendering my quotients

Every formulaic notion

That denies Your omnipotent

Ability to change me


#januarysgoodness22 #newpoetsofimmortality #repentance #metanoia #renew #turn


You’re in the meadows

Slowly herding us

Along the rough edges

Swirling through the curling

We arrive at ledges

And slide through the crevice

Made way

Further than

Would’ve guessed

This life

In The Spirit

Surprises all my senses

Logic is dethroned and I am

Made attentive, to Your presence

Again and again, it’s intensive

Not a semester

But a life

An apprentice

Walking with the Journey Man

His eyes my direction

Led without disguise

My pride is rejected

Denied the protection

It hides in deception

But Light is my weapon

And pro/vision

New paradigms of prisms

Manifold Wisdom

For man to hold with Him

I grab the whole mission

With hands that open in

Surrender and embrace

Love brings a change

How subtly it came

#newpoetsofimmortality #januarysgoodness22

My Friend

When I see 10:10

I am reminded, Lord

That You are also my Friend

And promise me a good and expected end

#januarysgoodness2022 #newpoetsofimmortality #1010 #abundantlife #iamafriendofGod


Looking back

Recalling each breath

Gasped and retracted

Retracing paths

With laughter and lessons

I gather these treasures

And bask in the measures

Living through this lengthening

My returning brings strengthening

Like gifts waiting from before

Praising all the more

Raising to the One



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The distance

You deal with the distance

While we desire to just deal

With the distance

Your reckoning and persistence

Displays love that won’t relent

A radical expression of forgiveness.

#decembersjoy21 #newpoetsofimmortality